5 Strategies for Deterring Shoplifters

guard against shoplifting

  1. Rely on the Presence of Physical Security Guards.

Skilled shoplifting crews will do everything to avoid detection, which means walking away from establishments that post professional security Guards. Professionals do not want to bother with getting caught, dealing with the police, or having to appear in court. They simply move on to unprotected targets.


  1. Place High-Priced Goods in Visible Areas of the Store

When high-ticket items are conspicuously placed in visible sections of the store, professionals will sense a trap they will want to avoid. Amateurs, on the other hand, are more likely to get caught since they will be in plain sight of employees and shoppers. Business owners should join peer groups and online forums to learn about the most commonly lifted items.


  1. Organize the Store

A messy store will result in false shrinkage reports and encourage shoplifters who accurately believe the business is not managed well. When employees are assigned to keeping an eye on the facing of products, they will automatically become more vigilant. A sloppy stockroom will only encourage devious employees to take advantage of the mess.


  1. Avoid Zealousness

Posting a clearly written shoplifting policy is a good idea, but store owners should be careful about going overboard with the measures they implement. As previously mentioned, some shoplifting can be expected. Trying to bring it down to zero with overzealous tactics may end up costing more than regular shrinkage and create an uncomfortable shopping and working environment.


  1. Hire Greeters or security guards at the entrance to monitor

Posting undercover store detectives used to be a popular strategy in the 1990s until loss prevention specialists realized uniformed greeters are even more effective. Similar to the effect of a Hayward unarmed security guard posted at the entrance, greeters give shoppers the idea that employees are actively watching them. Shoplifting crews are known to test the waters by sending members to shop at a targeted store to get a feel of security measures. If they notice attentive employees, they are likely to skip that particular establishment.

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