The Importance of a Security Risk Assessment?

Security Risk assessment

A risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace or home security.
The purpose of looking at the security systems in and around the premises is to identify weak point and blind spots. Where the criminal element may be able to take advantage.
In a risk assessment, a list of such weak points in and around your premises are identified. The cause of these weak points are listed, with information on the best way to rectify those areas. The solutions can range from a simple energizer service that may be needed.
To a new perimeter fence/wall, even something as minor as installing a light in a particular area.
A risk assessment helps your security service provider identify the areas where the criminal element may try to gain access to the premises. This is very helpful when armed response officer is dispatched or for a physical security officer on site to check whilst on his or her patrol.
Having your local security service provider come out and do a risk assessment is always beneficial to you!
A new set of trained eyes from the security industry on your premises usually helps stop weak point that you may not be aware of or miss due to your familiarity on the perimeter.
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Comprehensive risk assessment is compiled of five steps that will help lay the foundation for a successful security strategy.

  • Collect and assess information- This will probably be the longest step in the process but being as comprehensive as possible lays the foundation for deriving real value from a security risk assessment.
  • What are your greatest threats and vulnerabilities? – Once this step of the security risk assessment is completed, you should have a detailed list of your potential threats and how your vulnerabilities could expose you to greater risks.
  • Estimate the impact – This step in the process requires that you forecast what could happen to your business premises if threats became realities.
  • Review and plan the controls – Security policies and controls outline the specific responsibilities of your security company and staff.
  • Tools and techniques to aid security- Lastly, ensure Continuous monitoring (controls, threat assessment, and risk analysis) and repeat this cycle periodically as threats are evolving rapidly.


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