Security Safety

Alarms are a necessary and effective security measure, but when last did you change the password?

Changing alarm codes regularly will ensure your safety. Even if you had previously given the code to a service provider or someone suspicious gets hold of the  Security code. They will not be able to let it slip to someone or use it to gain access.

Strong Password Creation

  • Do not use personal information. It’s strongly recommended that you don’t include any words related to your name or names of family members or pets in your passwords. Also, don’t include easily recognizable numbers like your address, phone number or birthday.
  • Modify easy-to-remember phrases. One tip is to think up a pass-phrase. Something like a line from a song, and then use the first letter from each word, substituting numbers for some of the letters. For example: “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” could become “10oBb0tW”.

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